Moon Clouds Infinite

by Secret Birds



Secret Birds is the music making identity of the Australian globetrotter otherwise known as XXXXX XXXXX. His mid-tempo compositions stretch the gamut from airy rushes of composite psych to pieces such as “Part II,” which flaunt resonant synth sequences pulled from that dream you had last time you drifted off while listening to The Orb. Movement within this piece is subtle, relying on volume fades, filter manipulation, and shifts in modulation to create build-ups that leave as quickly as they come. It’s enough to tempt us into crafting a complex water metaphor, but we will spare you. The result is unreservedly melodic and extremely well suited to the fed back sketches of gulls that navigate the constantly folding and twisted skies of the video. -- Luke Carrell, International Tapes


released October 11, 2011



all rights reserved


Secret Birds Sydney, Australia

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